Safety Strap Covers For your Everyday Food Mess!


When It Comes To Baby Products, Simple Is Best. 

That's why we made Messy Mattie Strap Covers—the Simple Solution to Food Mess on Those Very Necessary Safety Straps!

The Double Sided Slick Material Easily Wipes Down in Place or You Can Remove to Fully Wash.

Eco Friendly, Soft Yet Super Durable, and Mom Made in Portland, Oregon. 




“We love our Messy Mattie strap covers!  I use them on my twin daughters’ Fisher Price booster seats, and they have made a noticeable difference in keeping the straps clean. I only take them off to wash them once a month or so, and they stay in place really well.”
—Kristin Gorton

”I had no idea how gross and messy our high chair was going to get until I was deep in to it. It seemed there was no way of  keeping the straps from getting covered in old food. And then we were gifted Messy Mattie. What a huge difference. They really work great.”
—Joshua Edwards 

“When it came time for my second baby to start feeding himself things got super messy really fast. Two kids at the table is next level mess! Messy Mattie products work wonders for helping us keep our sanity with all the food flying and little time to clean. I am gifting to all my friends with kids!” —Sarah Kline