Why Messy Mattie? 

Messy Mattie GUS 02 v1.jpg

In case you haven't heard, babies are messy.

No doubt you will find, they like to be their messiest while eating. Learning to eat on their own is amazing, fun to witness and...what a complete mess!

Multiple times a day our little ones will make a mess of their highchair, booster or table chair stations.

Over time, the built in safety straps get encrusted with food and grime which is nearly impossible to keep clean. Luckily, the table tops and chairs are fairly easy to wipe down...but the safety straps are a different story.

Our double sided slick material wraps completely around each strap so that food/mess won’t get trapped inside! They are easy to clean in place or fully remove (velcro) and wash.

Made from BPA free, food-safe, laminated cotton, Messy Mattie is the simple solution to the messiest of problems.

Eco Friendly, Soft Yet Super Durable, and Mom Made in Portland, Oregon.