Can we use for car seat, Stroller or Shopping cart Straps? 

We recommend following the guidelines from your car seat and stroller manufacturer. They are very easy to take on/off for use of stroller, shopping cart and restaurant highchairs/boosters.

how long can they stay on before we should take off to deep clean?

As long as you like! I kept mine on my daughter’s high chair for 3 months before I finally took them off to further clean in the sink. They work so well and are so easy to clean while on the straps, that you may find you don’t need to take them off unless you really want to!  

What is the age range?

The most typical age range for introducing is around 4-6 months (when baby first enters the high chair or “table chair”) and keeping them on until 2 or 3 years old. If baby grows out of your high chair, as a toddler, you can transfer Messy Mattie to a booster chair! Most boosters have lap straps for safety.

Do these work for all highchairs and boosters? 

Yes! Messy Mattie is designed to fit all babies/toddlers on any highchair, booster seat, or food station area where safety straps have been placed. Some straps may be a little longer or skinnier than other brands but for the most part, they are universal in size. If Messy Mattie seems a little long at first then simply scrunch the fabric or try folding one end about an inch up (like a cuff) and in no time, your baby will grow and won't need it folded any longer. 

can I take these with me to a Restaurant? 

Yes! Messy Mattie can easily be taken off of your at home highchair or food station device and placed over those less than desirable highchairs or booster seats when you are dining out. Simply wash Messy Mattie before you put them back on yours at home or you could purchase another set and reserve them specifically for dining out!

What's the difference between a chest/lap/harness strap? 

Most highchairs have either a lap strap (which is a safety strap over the child's lap to keep them safe), or a harness strap which is both the chest and lap combined. You can use Messy Mattie on just the chest straps, just the lap straps or on both! 

How Long Will They Last?

If properly cared for Messy Mattie can be passed down to your grandchildren! No joke. The material is super durable and so is the thread that holds it together and the velcro that binds it. So long as it's not cut with anything sharp like scissors, you may be surprised to see how sustainable it really is! Keeping it clean will certainly help its lasting effects.

If we use bibs, would we still need Messy Mattie? 

Yes! Bibs are great and can be very useful. However, even the best bib will simply lay over the safety straps. Little hands can still make their way as well as food to the straps and soil them! 

Is it really necessary to strap babies in to their highchairs? 

Yes! Some babies may be fully standing by 6 or 7 months. I once forgot to strap my daughter in to her high chair and to my horror found her standing straight up in it! So, yes the straps are very important.  

we want a specific pattern. Do you always carry the same ones? 

Messy Mattie pattern options are based on availability from the fabric manufacturer. This means that certain designs are not available during particular seasons and or may be available only for a limited run. We strive to bring the most fun and versatile options to you and also enjoy changing it up! 

How Many covers come per Package? 

Each package comes with exactly one set of two. You can decide to use these on just your chest straps or just your lap straps. If your high chair or table chair has both chest and lap straps (harness), you could cover both with two packages for a total of four Messy Mattie strap covers. 

What Does CPSIA Compliant stand for? 

This landmark consumer product safety law amended CPSA in 2008 and provided CPSC with significant new regulatory and enforcement tools as part of amending and enhancing several CPSC statutes, including the Consumer Product Safety Act. The CPSIA included provisions addressing, among other things, lead, phthalatestoy safetydurable infant or toddler productsthird-party testing and certification, tracking labels, imports, ATVs, civil and criminal  penalties and, a publically-searchable database of reports of harm. 

Because Messy Mattie is made from Robert Kaufman, Slicker line all of the certifications for BPA free, lead free, and CPSIA are available directly from Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Can You Explain more about laminated cotton and provide a fabric tutorial? 

Laminated cotton is just one of the many fabrics included in the synthetic or petroleum-based fabric family. Laminated cotton is safe for children which is why Messy Mattie uses it for our baby products. 

Each Fabric type on the market has different/distinct chemical makeup, properties, and practical uses. These fabrics are frequently mixed up, or even called the wrong name. We hope that the following tutorial will help to clear up any confusion with all of the similar but different fabrics available to the consumer. 

Laminated cotton is a 100% cotton fabric that has a thin layer of polyurethane or polyethylene film attached to the patterned (called the right side) of the fabric which allows water to bead quickly and roll right off. It is phthalate-free, BPA-free, lead-free and CPSIA-compliant. The plasticized surface makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth. It is soft and scrunchable, and not stiff like oil cloth.

Oil cloth is a thick layer of polyvinyl chloride (or PVC) on top of a mesh. It is very shiny, very durable, but very stiff. As a PVC product, oil cloth contains phthalates. It is lead-free. It is not CPSIA compliant and is not intended for use for products for infants or children under 12. Oil cloth is often used for grocery bags/sacks, table cloths, placemats, coin purses etc.

Acrylic-coated cotton is a fabric that is heat-treated with a powdered acrylic to give the cotton fibers water and stain resistant properties. Acrylic is not a PVC-based plastic, like oil cloth. It is machine washable and can wipe clean. Acrylic-coated cotton is BPA-free and CPSIA compliant. Acrylic coated cotton is frequently used for table cloths and children's apparel. It is a little waxy to the touch as well as stiffer than laminated cotton.

PUL is polyester/ polyurethane laminated fabric. It is typically a 100% polyester knit fabric laminated on the back (called the wrong side) with a thin film. The combination makes it very stretchy and durable. It can withstand high temperatures, such as washing in hot water. PUL is breathable, and completely waterproof. PUL is frequently used for diapers covers, bed-wetter sheets, and mattress pads.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl is another type of plastic fabric that is known for being very durable. They typically contain phthalates, a chemical that makes this type of plastic softer and more flexible. PVC fabrics are used for adult clothing and upholstery, and they have many other uses in the construction industry.

Nylon is a synthetic fabric made from polyamides. It was touted as "a miracle fabric" when it was invented and became an alternative to silk. Nylon is known for being lightweight and durable. Nylon is used to make everything from stockings, parachutes, tents, and ropes.